Disease X Is Deadlier Than COVID-19 and Could Cause the Next Pandemic to Kill 50 Million People,

The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously issued a warning about the possibility of a “inevitable” pandemic known as “Disease X” before the COVID-19 outbreak in 2018.

New Delhi : The world is not prepared for the next pandemic, which may be brought on by any of the millions of undiscovered viruses that are hiding on our planet, according to a new book by two vaccine specialists. According to the authors, a pandemic like that may result in the death of 50 million people, exactly like the Spanish Flu did a century ago. The Next Killer: How to Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts is a book co-written by Tim Hames, a former journalist, and Kate Bingham, a former chair of the UK Vaccine Taskforce. They describe how viruses are the most prevalent and diverse life forms on Earth and how many of them are dangerous to people in an excerpt that was published in the Daily Mail.

Viruses replicate and evolve more actively than all other forms of life combined. Of course, not all of them pose a threat to people, but a significant portion do,” they continue.

According to their claims, 25 virus families have been identified by specialists, and each one has hundreds or thousands of unique viruses that might change to cause a pandemic. Viruses could migrate from animals to humans and undergo significant mutations, as was the case with Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and Covid-19, they warn.

Health Risk At Low Levels X
The World Health Organization (WHO) has already issued a warning that a “inevitable” new pandemic known as “Disease X” may break out in the future. The authors’ warning is similar to that of the WHO. The WHO first uttered the word in 2018, a year before the Covid-19 pandemic engulfed the world. Along with Ebola, SARS, and Zika, it is one of the “Priority diseases” on the WHO’s “Blueprint list” that could spark the next deadly pandemic.

According to the WHO, “Disease X represents the understanding that a serious global epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease.” The infectious diseases for which we have no effective medicinal treatments are highlighted on the Blueprint list. According to some public health professionals, the next Disease X will be zoonotic, meaning it would start in domestic or wild animals before spreading to infect people, like Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and Covid-19.

Pandemic Preparedness Is Required
The Covid-19 epidemic, which claimed the lives of almost 20 million people worldwide, was not the worst-case scenario, according to the authors. In comparison to other viruses like Ebola, avian flu, and MERS, they note that the virus had a comparatively low mortality rate.According to others, the world cannot rely on good fortune to avert the next pandemic, which may be far deadlier and contagious.

“The key fact is that the majority of those who contracted the virus were able to recover. On the other side, the mortality rate from Ebola is somewhere about 67%. With a 60% prevalence, bird flu is not far behind. Even MERS was at 34%. So, they conclude, “We can’t assume that the next pandemic will be readily contained.

They encourage immediate action to boost the world’s pandemic readiness, including funding for vaccine research and development, bolstering health systems and surveillance, and fostering international cooperation and coordination. According to them, the world needs to be prepared for the next pandemic since it won’t be an issue of if it happens, but when.

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