Footage | Outraged Pakistanis as Burj Khalifa Fails to Illuminate Their Flag

In a display caught on camera, the citizens of Pakistan expressed their frustration after the iconic Burj Khalifa chose not to showcase their national flag.

In Dubai, UAE, a group of Pakistanis near the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, were disappointed when the building didn’t light up with their country’s flag. Many Pakistani tourists had gathered there on August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day, hoping to see their flag displayed on the famous building.

Over time, the officials has become famous for its impressive light shows during important events. In a viral video on social media, a woman can be heard saying that the Pakistanis were “pranked” because the Burj Khalifa didn’t light up with the green and white colors and crescent moon of the Pakistani flag. The video shows Pakistani people waiting eagerly for the flag to appear on the building, but unfortunately, as the clock struck midnight, their hopes were dashed as the flag didn’t show up.

“It’s now 12:01 am, and Dubai officials have confirmed that the Pakistani national flag will not be shown on the Burj Khalifa. This is our situation at the moment. Pakistanis here are chanting slogans, but unfortunately, the officials won’t be lighting up with our flag. It’s really disheartening; it seems like they played a trick on us,” the lady’s voice could be heard expressing.

After seeing the video, internet users had different views about what happened. Some made jokes about it, while others didn’t like the idea that some people always want others to acknowledge them.

One person said, “I’m really surprised by how honest she is.” Another person shared, “People from Pakistan who were in Dubai felt sad because the Burj Khalifa didn’t light up with their flag on Independence Day. But does it really change anything if the flag is shown on the Burj Khalifa? People on both sides of the border seem to think that displaying something on the Burj Khalifa and Times Square is a big accomplishment.”

Pakistani flag comes up

Interestingly, it was only after the video gained widespread attention that the Pakistani flag was eventually showcased on the building. On the late evening of August 14, Burj Khalifa’s Instagram page uploaded a video revealing the structure adorned with the Pakistan flag.

The caption accompanying the video stated, “#BurjKhalifa illuminates to honor The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Independence Day. We extend our well wishes to the people of Pakistan, hoping your day is brimming with pride, solidarity, and prosperity as you commemorate your nation’s remarkable heritage and accomplishments. May the future bring even more achievements and joy to all Pakistanis. Happy Independence Day!”

Pakistan became a new, independent country after India was split into two, following the departure of British imperialists. While Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14, India celebrates it a day later on August 15. 

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