Lil Tay, a social influencer and teen rapper, dies at the age of 14

The internet celebrity who became viral before dying

She is currently the subject of an investigation and whose real name is Claire Eileen Qi Hope

Rapper Lil Tay, a social media influencer and contentious teen, passed away at the age of 14.

According to a post on her verified Instagram account, where her death was disclosed on Wednesday, the viral internet star’s death is currently being investigated. Her true name is Claire Eileen Qi Hope.

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that our dear Claire died abruptly and unexpectedly. “Words cannot even begin to express the indescribable grief and unfathomable agony,” the declaration reads. We are all in a state of shock over this outcome because it was wholly unanticipated.

According to the story’s conclusion, Claire “will forever remain in our hearts,” and everyone who knew and loved her will feel an irreplaceable gap in her absence.

According to an unattributed Instagram message that has been locked in comments, Jason Tian, Lil Tay’s brother, has also supposedly passed dead.

The statement went on to say that the loss of her brother “adds an even more unfathomable depth to our grief.” The circumstances behind Claire and her brother’s deaths are still being looked into, therefore we humbly ask for privacy during this time of deep sorrow as we mourn this terrible loss.

Lil Tay Post something on Instagram and share it.

We had to break the heartbreaking news of our beloved Claire’s tragic and sudden passing. We are at a loss for words to describe the unfathomable loss and agony. We are all in disbelief at this result, which was completely unexpected. The loss of her sibling deepens our sorrow in ways we could never have imagined. We politely ask for privacy at this time of great sorrow as we grieve this terrible loss, while the circumstances surrounding Claire and her brother’s passing are still being looked into.

All those who knew and loved Claire will always hold a special place in our hearts for her, and her passing leaves an unfillable loss.

Hope, who was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, became well-known online in 2018 as a result of images and videos of her that were shared online and showed her flashing cash and flashing expensive cars. The teenage social media celebrity, who went by the moniker “youngest flexer,” gathered almost 3.3 million followers on Instagram before drawing condemnation for using vulgar language and a racist slur in a video.

Hope issued an apology in 2018 for her use of the anti-Black slur, which was captured on camera in a video dated December 2017, along with the declaration, “I’m not racist at all.”

Her appearance on Good Morning America, when she defended her family against accusations that the nine-year-old was being taken advantage of, was followed by the apology.

Since I’m nine years old and have accomplished so much, I guess people find it humorous, she remarked. I’m the flexer who is the newest. Everything is up to me. I couldn’t give a damn if they didn’t believe I was real.

Hope, who was described by her mother at the time as a “well-mannered and a great kid, well-behaved,” adding that “no one is forcing me to do this.” This is my decision. “I am happy with the work I am doing.

Before a string of Instagram posts alleging exploitation, Hope participated in the brief web documentary Life With Lil Tay on the influencer-focused streaming network The Zeus Network. by her mother and a video in which it appeared as if her brother could be heard coaching her on her lines surfaced and were then removed, according to Insider.

Prior to her death, the viral star’s Instagram had been silent since the occurrences, with the most recent post showing a message grieving the loss of controversial rapper XXXTentacion, who, according to the post, was planned a charity event with Hope in 2018, the same year he died.

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