Shocking Earthquake: South Taiwan Is Shaken, But There Are No Early Reports Of Damage 05 Sep 2023


Reuters, September 5, TAIPEI – The meteorology service for the island of Taiwan reported that a magnitude 5.5 earthquake rocked a predominantly rural area of southern Taiwan on Tuesday, although there were no immediate indications of damage.

According to the weather service, the earthquake’s epicentre was in the village of Hsingang in the county of Chiayi, at a depth of 8.5 kilometers (5.3 miles).

Taipei, the capital, did not experience the quake.

Due to its location at the meeting point of two tectonic plates, the country is vulnerable to earthquakes.

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The tremendous earthquake in Taiwan brought down a 16-story apartment building full of families celebrating the Lunar New Year, leaving at least eleven people dead and more than 30 people possibly trapped.

Rescuers searched the rubble for survivors as the death toll grew in Tainan, a historic city that took the brunt of the 6.4-magnitude earthquake.

Almost 100 residences were housed in a four-building residential complex that completely collapsed, leaving behind twisted metal girders that were left exposed and clouds of dust that rose from the disorganized concrete.

A 10-day-old baby girl and two other toddlers were among the nine individuals killed when the apartment building fell, according to the National Fire Agency.

The other two victims perished in other locations.

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