“The leaker is saying to skip the iPhone 15 because they believe the iPhone 16 will have the best upgrades”

Just a month away from the announcement of the iPhone 15, we have gathered a lot of information about Apple’s upcoming releases. Although it appears that the company is making significant updates to all four models anticipated to be revealed in September, a well-known leaker named URedditor is quite critical of this year’s update. According to him, the changes in the 2023 versions are not very impressive, as he believes the real innovation will be seen in the 2024 lineup.

The upcoming iPhone 15 lineup is anticipated to include the Dynamic Island feature across all four models. While features like ProMotion and Always-On Display will remain exclusive to the Pro line, the standard versions are set to feature the A16 Bionic chip. Furthermore, there are rumors suggesting that these models will also receive a 48MP main camera, a USB-C port, and enhancements in battery life.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max versions are set to receive several notable enhancements. Apple plans to introduce ultra-thin bezels, incorporate the all-new A17 Bionic chip that is rumored to be faster and 35% more power-efficient, add a periscope lens to the Pro Max iteration, and introduce a new titanium frame for both models. Additionally, these phones might start with 256GB of storage and could offer a maximum storage capacity of up to 2TB.

Even though a redesign took place the previous year, the iPhone 15 still appears to be a remarkable update. This applies to individuals upgrading to the standard versions as well as those considering a purchase of the Pro or Pro Max models.

So, why does URedditor hold the opinion that this update isn’t worthwhile? Here’s what we currently know about the iPhone 16.

What makes the iPhone 16 so special that we should skip iPhone 15 lineup?

Currently, details regarding the iPhone 16 remain limited, but over the past months, we’ve gained some insights into this upcoming lineup. For instance, in a Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg indicates that Apple has plans to introduce an “iPhone Ultra” in 2024.

Gurman’s observations suggest that Apple’s intention to create a clearer distinction between the Pro and Pro Max models has fueled speculation about the potential introduction of a new top-tier brand: the Ultra. Rather than renaming the Pro Max as “the Ultra,” Apple might decide to introduce an even higher-end iPhone above both Pro models. Internally, there have been discussions about this possibility, and it could potentially coincide with the release of the 2024 iPhone.

Leaker URedditor’s advice to skip the iPhone 15 might stem from the anticipation of this forthcoming Ultra model. URedditor suggests that Apple is actively exploring various innovations, indicating the likelihood of more promising features ahead. Although URedditor refrains from detailing the specific changes expected in 2024, there’s an air of anticipation surrounding these developments.

In addition, there are other noteworthy aspects to consider. The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max variants are projected to receive several enhancements. These could include an expanded display size, the incorporation of a new A18 Bionic processor, and the addition of a periscope lens to both Pro models. Notably, the periscope lens feature, while present in the iPhone 15 Pro Max for the year 2023, is anticipated to be exclusive to that model.

What should they can improve in iphone 16 ?

  1. Advanced Camera System:
    • Larger sensors with improved low-light performance.
    • Enhanced optical zoom capabilities and better stabilization.
    • Computational photography advancements for improved image quality and creative effects.
    • AI-driven features for scene recognition, subject tracking, and real-time enhancements.
  2. Display Innovation:
    • ProMotion display with a variable refresh rate for smoother scrolling and better battery efficiency.
    • Higher brightness levels and improved color accuracy.
    • Advanced adaptive display technology that adjusts to ambient lighting conditions.
  3. Biometric Enhancements:
    • Under-display Touch ID alongside Face ID for dual biometric authentication methods.
    • Improved Face ID with a wider angle of recognition and better accuracy.
  4. Processing Power and Efficiency:
    • Introduction of the A18 Bionic chip for enhanced performance and energy efficiency.
    • Advanced AI and machine learning capabilities for more efficient processing of tasks.
  5. Battery Life and Charging:
    • Larger battery capacities and optimized power management for extended battery life.
    • Faster wired and wireless charging capabilities.
    • Reverse wireless charging to charge other devices using the iPhone’s battery.
  6. Connectivity Advancements:
    • Enhanced 5G capabilities with support for more bands and faster speeds.
    • Improved Wi-Fi performance with support for the latest standards.
    • Enhanced location accuracy and navigation capabilities.
  7. AR and VR Integration:
    • Dedicated hardware for augmented reality experiences.
    • Support for advanced AR applications and games.
    • Initial steps toward more immersive virtual reality experiences.
  8. Software Customization:
    • Expanded widget system with greater interactivity and customization.
    • Deeper customization options for app icons, system themes, and home screen layouts.
  9. Environmental Responsibility:
    • Use of more sustainable materials in construction and packaging.
    • Continued reduction of carbon footprint through energy-efficient components.
  10. Privacy and Security:
    • Enhanced privacy features, including more detailed app tracking transparency.
    • Improved encryption for communications and cloud-stored data.
    • Hardware-level security enhancements to protect against hacking attempts.
  11. Audio Quality:
    • Advanced spatial audio capabilities for a more immersive audio experience.
    • Improved noise cancellation for clearer audio during calls and media playback.
  12. Smart Accessories:
    • Integration with new accessories that leverage the iPhone’s capabilities, such as AR peripherals and health monitoring devices.
  13. Productivity Features:
    • Enhanced multitasking capabilities with improved split-screen and app switching functions.
    • Deeper integration with iPadOS-like productivity features.

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