The iPhone 15 Pro drop test indicates that it is less durable than the iPhone 14 Pro.

According to a recent video, the iPhone 15 Pro might be more vulnerable to accidental drop damage than the iPhone 14 Pro.

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The two iPhone Pro variants are compared in the video by Sam Kohl of AppleTrack (via 9to5Mac). Even after multiple drops totaling ten, the iPhone 14 continues to appear to be in brand-new condition, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro has already sustained severe damage.

Keep in mind that when you drop your iPhone accidently, you don’t pick it up and drop it several more times; the iPhone 15 Pro in the video required multiple drops before any harm was done. However, it does seem that the new iPhone and the old one have different structural designs, and this difference might render the Pro more vulnerable to spiderweb cracks when dropped onto a hard surface.

Why is the iPhone 15 Pro getting damaged differently?

The robust and lightweight titanium alloy is extensively used in the new iPhone 15 Pro, which also includes a titanium alloy frame as opposed to one made of stainless steel. Although titanium is more durable, it is also a touch more flexible, and this, together with the switch from a vertical to a curved edge, seems to have diminished some of the shock-absorbing capabilities of the stainless steel band on the iPhone 14 Pro.

In fact, this implies that even while the titanium is extremely durable, it can cause other components of the phone to vibrate more, such as the glass back, which can be seen breaking in the video. Therefore, even though the iPhone’s structural integrity is unharmed, the impact may nevertheless cause the glass to break.

For the majority of users, especially those of us who put our phones in cases (partially for protection, partly to preserve the resale value), it’s not likely to be a big deal. However, it may be good timing that Apple has reduced the cost of repairing the iPhone 15 Pro’s glass back. According to Apple’s most recent estimates of repair costs, replacing the back glass on the iPhone 15 Pro will run you $169, £169, or AU$275, and $199, £199, or AU$319 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Comparatively speaking, the previous models cost $499/£519/AU$879 and $549/£559/AU$899, respectively.

However, if you’re clumsy, you might want to think about getting AppleCare for your new iPhone, which reduces the price to $29 in the US, £25 in the UK, and AU$45 in Australia while providing unlimited repairs for unintentional damage.

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