Apple finally resolves a critical iPhone issue.


The 15 lineup of the company’s iPhones delivers a sleek new set of capabilities, including an enhanced camera. And given that the top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max costs $1,199 in the United States, many of us anticipate it to be the greatest.

The older iPhone 12 small versions were accused by French regulators of generating more radiation than was considered acceptable in the European nation, which caused a dip in Apple’s mid-September earnings report.

The phones were allegedly examined “in an accredited laboratory,” according to a warning statement from the Agence nationale des fréquences, and it was found that their absorption rate “values exceed the limit, being at 5.74 W/kg.”

The amount of radiation that soft tissue absorbs is measured by the specific absorption rate. The 4 W/kg restriction in France.

“The ANFR expects Apple to use every tool at its disposal to resolve the noncompliance. The equipment that has already been made accessible to consumers will be recalled if nothing is done, the warning states.

iPhone issues a critical update

Shortly after France declared it would halt sales of the iPhone 12 mini indefinitely, Belgium and Germany indicated they would conduct their own studies to gauge safety standards. Apple swiftly fixed the problem. The tech behemoth released a patch on September 15 to address any radiation issues.

“In order to comply with the protocol employed by French regulations, we will provide a software update for users in France. We anticipate that the iPhone 12 will remain accessible in France, according to a statement from Apple.

Following Apple’s upgrade, the ANFR has had time to retest iPhone 12 minis and has confirmed that the devices are now inside the country’s permissible radiation level.

The subsequent test showed that the phones only have a SAR of 3.94 W/kg, down from 5.74 W/kg before the patch.

The ANFR noted that sales of the iPhone 12 mini can now be responsibly resumed given that the phones are inside of what is thought to be a safe limit. The Friday update was recognised by French officials.

Apple has been phasing out its iPhone 12 models, specifically the mini iPhones, for some time now. It no longer produces its mini phones, instead opting for larger screens and resolutions. While customers can still purchase the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 minis from authorized resellers, the only iPhones officially sold on Apple’s website include:

  • iPhone SE – $429
  • iPhone 13 – $599
  • iPhone 14 – $699
  • iPhone 15 – $799
  • iPhone 15 Plus – $899
  • iPhone 15 Pro – $999
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max – $1199

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