iPad Pro 2024: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors

iPad Pro 2024
iPad Pro 2024

A slightly bigger, OLED screen may be headed for the iPad Pro

According to rumours, Apple is planning a significant update to the iPad Pro. Here are all the articles on the new model that we could find.

When Will the iPad Pro (2024) Be Released?

Apple has been pretty irregular with the release schedule of the iPad Pro, so it’s uncertain when the next one will come out. Here are the previous release dates:

  • 1st-generation: November 11, 2015
  • 2nd-generation: June 13, 2017
  • 3rd-generation: November 7, 2018
  • 4th-generation: March 25, 2020
  • 5th-generation: May 21, 2022
  • 6th-generation: October 26, 2022

It’s hard to say whether we’re “due” for the next model or not, which makes it hard to predict when the new one will arrive. But we do have rumors.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple won’t announce the new iPad Pro until spring or summer 2024.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate

Since the new iPad Pro didn’t appear at Apple’s September event, and they haven’t announced any more events for 2023, May or June 2024 sounds like a safe bet.

iPad Pro (2024) Price Rumors

According to analysts and rumours, the iPad Pro 2024 additional capabilities, especially its screen, will result in a price increase. It will reportedly sport an OLED screen, which will be a first for the series. While the starting price for the sixth-generation model for an 11-inch display was $799 and for a 12.9-inch display was $1,099, rumours claim the next ones will cost far more.

According to a price analysis from Revegnus on Twitter/X, the price of OLED displays will bump the final prices to $1,500 for the 11-inch model and $1,800 for the 13-inch version. Other sites, like The Elec, agree with this estimation.

Pre-Order Information

Since the 2024 iPad Pro is still unconfirmed, Apple hasn’t opened up pre-orders yet. We’ll update here when more details are available.

iPad Pro (2024) Specs and Features

The 2024 iPad Pro will very likely run on Apple’s M3 chip, which is already rumored to power the next series of MacBooks and an updated Mac Mini.

Everyone’s pretty sure Apple will go with an OLED screen, which is the main reason for the rumored price hike. Despite that, it will be a brighter display with better colors, the same kind that Apple has been putting into iPhones since the X model in 2017.

Gurman provides four codenames for the upcoming iPad Pro: J717, J718, J720, and J721. If each one refers to a particular screen size and RAM capacity, this may indicate fewer storage options. According to reports, the iPad Pro in 2024 would be available in 11- and 13-inch versions. The latter represents a little improvement over the larger, sixth-generation model’s 12.9-inch size.

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