iPhone is too hot to handle. Apple claims a patch is on the way.


Apple (iPhone)is blaming a software glitch as well as other problems linked to well-known apps like Instagram and Uber for the heating up of its recently announced iPhone 15 models and the complaints that they were getting too hot to handle.

The Cupertino, California, corporation announced on Saturday that it is working on an upgrade to the iOS17 operating system that runs the iPhone 15 series to stop the handsets from getting uncomfortable hot. It is also dealing with apps that are running in ways “causing them to overload the system.”

The social media software for Instagram, which is owned by Meta Platforms, was adjusted earlier this week to stop heating up the iPhone using the newest iOS version.

According to Apple, upgrades for Uber and other apps, like the video game Asphalt 9, are still being rolled out. While it did not provide a release date for its own software repair, it stated that owners of the iPhone 15 shouldn’t experience any safety concerns while waiting for the update.

Some users claim that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have an overheating issue. “We have identified a few conditions which can cause iPhone to run warmer than expected,” Apple said in a brief statement made available to The Associated Press after media reports detailed the numerous complaints about overheating that have been posted on online message boards.

In a report mentioning the overheating issue in its own testing of the new iPhones, which went on sale a week ago, The Wall Street Journal emphasised the concerns.

Apple also denied rumours that the overheating issue with the new models was caused by a switch from its exclusive Lightning charging connector to the more popular USB-C port in order to meet with a requirement set down by European authorities.

Although Apple is confident that the future software patches would rapidly resolve the overheating issue, the issue could still have a negative impact on sales of the company’s flagship product at a time when overall sales have decreased for three straight quarters.

Will marijuana become legal everywhere if it is rescheduled?Sales of iPhones were impacted by the downturn; they decreased by 4% overall in the nine months covered by Apple’s most recent three fiscal quarters compared to the same period last year.

The top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max now starts at $1,200, up $100 (or 9%) from the corresponding model from the previous year, as Apple attempts to stimulate sales.

Since the company’s market capitalization closed at $3 trillion for the first time in late June, investor concerns about Apple’s unusually weak sales performance have already destroyed more than $300 billion in shareholder equity.

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