Why Kelly Thiebaud Left Her Role on General Hospital After A Decade

Fans felt a shock when Kelly Thiebaud’s Britt Westbourne was killed off on “General Hospital” in January. Despite the fact that Thiebaud’s departure from the well-known soap opera had been revealed, there was optimism that Britt wouldn’t be written off completely without the chance of a comeback. As soon as her final “GH” appearance aired in January, the actor told Soap Opera Digest, “I know this isn’t how the fans wanted things to happen, but I hope that they like how we wrapped up this special character.”

Kelly Thiebaud

After Britt’s death on-screen, Thiebaud posted a moving video to social media to reflect on her time with the actors and on the program. She captioned the Instagram video, “Being on this show, being in your living rooms everyday, is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

In August 2022, it was revealed that Thiebaud would return to the cast of “Station 19,” months before she left “GH.” On Instagram, the actor shared a post about his work on the show. “Excited to be stirring up trouble on @station19 again!” This gave some the impression that Thiebaud was quitting “GH” in order to focus on the firefighter drama.

The network would have let her manage both series, according to Thiebaud, but she had other reasons for leaving Port Charles behind, as she told Soap Opera Digest. Thiebaud quit “GH” for a variety of reasons, one of which being a developing romance.

Kelly Thiebaud‘s Long Distance Relationship

In a protracted interview with Soap Opera Digest in January, Kelly Thiebaud discussed her choice to quit “General Hospital” in great detail. The soap star claimed that she had various justifications for letting Britt Westbourne go. One reason is that she has been long-distance with her partner for about a year and that they are currently unable to relocate to the United States.

In a post on Instagram in July 2022, Thiebaud gave fans their first look at her boyfriend, P.J. Harrison, while lamenting the challenges of sustaining a long-distance relationship. “Long distance for seven months. London and Los Angeles. 5,437 miles. Time difference of eight hours. Numerous calls and texts. She captioned pictures of the couple having a good time together, “You’ve always been consistent. Harrison is a well-known soccer figure who resides in Britain.

The other factor that led Thiebaud to leave “GH” was her desire to seek acting chances outside of daytime television. She told Soap Opera Digest, “I just felt like I had to leave and go and pursue those other dreams and goals of mine.” According to Thiebaud, she was aware that her tenure on “GH” was drawing to a close when she signed a new deal with the show in 2020.

After she finished filming, Thiebaud posted a photo on Instagram with her boyfriend to mark the occasion. She wrote, “Celebrating a year of long distance love, no more,” however there was originally a hint of remorse when she left the performance.

Why She Was Not On TV After ‘General Hospital’

As Britt Westbourne’s final scenes came to a close, Kelly Thiebaud had a fresh outlook on the chance to connect with so many fans on “General Hospital.” Just a few days after her farewell episode aired, the actor admitted: “Throughout that week, I had these moments when I was walking up on stage where I would kind’ve gone, ‘Wow, I miss this.'” The actor made these remarks in a YouTube interview with Michael Fairman in January. She remarked of the “GH” fans, “There was something about that week where it clicked, and I got it, and I really appreciated it.”

Thiebaud had the chance to work on a movie after leaving the daytime drama when she was cast in “Shakey Grounds,” a 2024 release that also stars Eric Roberts and Ella Cannon.

Apart from that movie, Thiebaud has kept a low profile because the Writers Guild of America strike that followed her departure from “GH” delayed any potential acting chances. “Hope all of you are doing well.I miss being on your [TV emoji] but I’m booking some amazing things, so hopefully the strike will end soon. On September 13, Thiebaud tweeted in response to birthday wishes from her followers. Earlier that month, the actor addressed the writer’s strike in an Instagram post. “What will you do if there is a strike? On September 6, she posted a funny video to Instagram with the message, “#sagaftrastrike #sagaftrastrong #notworryaboutcalories.

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